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Bushka's Kitchen

Bushka's Kitchen Sweet Potato Mash w/Maple Syrup 2-Serving Freeze Dried Pouch

Bushka's Kitchen Sweet Potato Mash w/Maple Syrup 2-Serving Freeze Dried Pouch

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Bushka's Kitchen Sweet Potato Mash with Cinnamon & Vermont Maple Syrup 2-Serving Freeze Dried Food Pouch.

One of our bestsellers! Just that little something extra you need after a long day. Our freeze dried sweet potato mash combines all the flavors you love - cinnamon, clove, real Vermont maple syrup - in a portion that fills you up or is shareable!

Eat this as a side dish, combine with another full sized entrée for an extra filling meal, or use as a base for your DIY ready to eat meals. (Flavor profile is similar to that of pumpkin pie.)  Perfect after a long day on the trail.  Fuel Your Wild!

Add 8oz of boiling water to rehydrate for a thicker mash or 10oz for a thinner mash.  Enjoy!

Product Features:

  • 2-serving pouch
  • 250 calories per serving
  • Prepare in the pouch
  • No cooking needed - just add boiling water
  • Convenient, versatile, light weight
  • Long shelf life
  • Made in USA
  • Vegan
  • 4g of protein
  • Weighs approx. 4.9 oz

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Bushka’s Kitchen was created for the risk takers, the rebels,the journey junkies that want to live and breathe the outdoors. Our lineup of nutritionally balanced, delicious, freeze-dried meals will fuel any wild adventure – whether your wild is relaxing with family on a starlit camping trip or conquering the toughest mountaineering experiences.

Ready to eat by simply adding hot or cold water, Bushka’s Kitchen menu balances the need for a tasty while still healthy, gourmet yet affordable, filling but lightweight outdoor meal. We emphasize the important role proteins, carbohydrates, and fats play in outdoor nutrition to support feeling both full and fueled in the backcountry. Made by adventure seekers for adventure seekers.

Requirements:  8 to 10 oz of boiling water.

Retail packaging, shipped in a poly envelope. Shipping weight 6 oz.

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