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Dr Scholls

Dr Scholl's Molefoam Padding - Scholls Prevent / Treat Blisters - 2 Strips

Dr Scholl's Molefoam Padding - Scholls Prevent / Treat Blisters - 2 Strips

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Dr Scholl's Molefoam Padding - Scholls Prevent/Treat Blisters - 2 Strips. These are great for Camping, Backpacking, Fitness Training, Hunting, and any Outdoor Activities!  

Helps prevent and care for blisters by spreading pressure evenly over covered area. Quickly cut to shape and apply with adhesive backing. Provides all-day pain relief from corns, calluses, and tender spots. 

Extra soft, cotton flannel, padding can be cut to any size for all-day relief of painful corns, calluses, and tender spots. Millions of tiny air cells cushion and protect calluses, bunions and sore heels from painful shoe pressure and friction. Ideal as protective padding for any part of the foot.

Product Features:

  • Helps prevents blisters
  • Moleskin plus soft latex foam.
  • Won't "catch" on hosiery
  • Self-stick adhesive, cuts-to-size.

Requirements:  None.

TIP:This item is also available in money-saving 2-packs! Go to our store, then browse our Discounted Multi-Packs Store category, or use the Store search tool to find items quickly.

You will receive:  1 Package (2 strips) of Dr Scholls Molefoam. 

Retail packaging, shipped in a poly envelope.  Shipping weight 1 oz.


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