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Esbit Folding Medium Pocket Stove w/2 Solid 27g Fuel Tablets E-STOVE-2X27

Esbit Folding Medium Pocket Stove w/2 Solid 27g Fuel Tablets E-STOVE-2X27

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 Esbit Folding Medium Pocket Stove w/2 Solid 27g Fuel Tablets E-STOVE-2X27.

The Esbit Medium Pocket Stove delivers classic, solid-fuel performance in a size that can handle a broad range of cups and pots on any minimalist adventure. Made of rugged, electrolytically galvanized steel to handle heavier loads. Accommodates our largest, 27g solid fuel tabs for maximum heat output, but also works with two, 14g tabs. It features two positions for controlling heat and an included windscreen for added efficiency.

Every warm meal needs heat. With the solid fuel tablets in your pack, you can feel confident about bringing a meal and beverage quickly to temperature. They are versatile for cooking, heating up meals and beverages, and also suitable for starting a charcoal BBQ or campfire.  Solid fuel tablets are available in 3 sizes - 4g, 14g, and 27g.  The Medium Pocket Stove comes with the 27g size.

The Esbit 27 g solid fuel cubes have a burn time of approximately 15 minutes. They have a strong heat output, ignite with a match or lighter and are lightweight and compact. When stored properly, Esbit solid fuel mantains its full functionality for many years. They also work at temperatures below 32° F and in high altitudes. They have no visible smoke and leave almost no ash after burning. They are used by various NATO forces, expeditions, and in the aftermath of disasters.

Product Features:

  • Simple, stable, and reliable stove with 2 cooking positions
  • suitable for cups, pots, and pans (not included)
  • Folds down to a small, compact size
  • Perfect for camping, backpacking, emergency kits, bug out bags, etc.
  • Constructed from durable, galvanized steel
  • Virtually smokeless and residue-free
  • Includes 2 Esbit 27 g solid fuel tablets
  • Extra solid fuel tablets store inside stove
  • Works at high altitudes and sub-zero temperatures
  • Ignites with match or lighter
  • Each 27 g tablet burns approximately 15 minutes and up to 1400°F (760°C)
  • One tablet boils 500 ml of water in about 5 minutes
  • Tablets are individually packed in waterproof packaging
  • Can be stored for 10+ years
  • Stove design approved and used within NATO
  • Dimensions - Medium (closed/folded): 4.5”X 3.3” X .75” (11.5cm X 8.5cm x 2 cm)
  • Weight - Medium (including solid fuel): approx. 6 oz

Requirements: Matches or a lighter.

Retail packaging, shipped in a poly envelope. Shipping weight 7 oz.

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