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Evernew Titanium Ti UL Pot Set 900ml & 1300ml w/Lids & Insulated Handles ECA536

Evernew Titanium Ti UL Pot Set 900ml & 1300ml w/Lids & Insulated Handles ECA536

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Evernew Titanium Ti UL Pot Set 600ml & 900ml with Lids & Insulated Handles ECA535.  Great for backpacking, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing - any outdoor activity where you need to cook a meal.

A flat pot with a large surface for catching flames. The thinness of the titanium allows for the efficient transfer of heat. This minimum model has insulated handles for easy maneuvering. Perfect for the solo and serious hiker. Also recommended for climbers who need super light weight, and speed hikers who like it "light and fast". These popular pots are lightweight, compact, and available for a variety of uses for solo hiking.  The small pot nests inside the larger pot to save space, and a 100-110g gas canister and many tiny butane stoves can fit inside the small pot (like the Olicamp Ion Micro stove).

Our ultralight pots are specifically designed for backpackers who need reliable, lightweight cookware to keep their packs as light as possible. Evernew Ultralight pots are designed to be the lightest on the market without compromising reliability. We've accomplished this by eliminating the coating and using thinner titanium.

The thickness of the titanium we use in the ultralight series is 0.3mm which makes it 20% lighter than the industry standard of 0.4mm. We've developed a method of cold forging our titanium that helps sustain our products' durability at this minimal thickness.

All our Ultralight Series products come with insulated silicone handles, a mesh stuff sack and graduations for easy measurement.

Product Features:

  • Material: 0.3mm ultralight titanium
  • Hand-pressed by highly experienced Japanese craftsmen
  • Insulated top knobs and folding handles
  • Volume markings inside of the pots for easy measurement
  • Rolled edge provides extra strength
  • Handles that fold away for easy packing
  • 0.9L pot nests inside the 1.3L pot to save space
  • A 110g canister & tiny stoves can fit inside the 0.9L pot
  • Model Number: ECA536
  • Capacity of Pot 1:  900 ml (30.43 fl oz)
  • Capacity of Pot 2:  1300 ml (43.96 fl oz)
  • Dimensions of 0.9L: 136mm diameter x 64mm tall (5.35” x 2.52”)
  • Dimensions of 1.3L: 150mm diameter x 77mm tall (5.91” x 3.03”)
  • Weight of Set:  245g (8.64 oz)

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