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Human Gear CapCAP+ Narrow AND Wide Mouth Bottle Cap Nalgene CamelBak Blue/Gray

Human Gear CapCAP+ Narrow AND Wide Mouth Bottle Cap Nalgene CamelBak Blue/Gray

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BRAND NEW Humangear CapCAP+ Narrow Mouth AND Wide Mouth Bottle Cap Blue / Gray.

The water bottle cap for humans.

Most wide-mouth bottles are easy to fill and clean, but the standard opening is too big to drink from without spilling.  Narrow-mouth bottles are great to drink from but you can forget about putting ice cubes in them, let alone cleaning them.  And bottle inserts don't really fix a spout that was never meant for daily drinking.  capCAP offers the best of both worlds.  Drink spill-free through the small spout, and then clean and fill easily with the large cap.  Don't forget that the wide, rounded strap is more comfortable to hold too.

The capCAP was humangear's first product, and its popularity has increased every year since we launched it in 2008.  Now, after 10 years on the market, we’ve gone back to the drawing board in order to add more compatibility and functionality with stainless steel wide-mouth bottles.  The capCAP+ is not only compatible with more bottles than the original capCAP, but it also has some great new features like the “CapKeeper” that holds the small cap back when you drink and rubberized grips on the small cap that make it easier to twist open.  The capCAP+ is 100% BPA-free, polycarbonate-free, and phthalate-free, and both caps are made with FDA-approved, food-safe polypropylene (#5) plastic. Both small and large cap gaskets are made from food-safe silicone.

capCAP is the civilized 2-in-1 accessory cap designed to work with Nalgene, CamelBak, and most other popular wide-mouth drinking bottles. The new, re-designed capCAP+ is also compatible with Hydro Flask wide-mouth, Nalgene Stainless, and Guyot Stainless.  (Check out the humangear website for more detailed compatibility info.)


  • Best of both worlds with narrow and wide mouth lids
  • Rounded strap is more comfortable to hold and carry
  • CapKeeper makes drinking easier
  • Small cap has rubberized grips
  • 100% BPA-free, polycarbonate-free, and phthalate-free
  • FDA approved materials
  • Fits 2.5" (63mm) openings
  • Color:  Blue / Gray
  • Weight: Approx. 1.4 oz (39.7g)

Requirements:  Compatible wide mouth bottle (like Nalgene or CamelBak).

You will receive:  1 humangear capCAP+.

Retail packaging, shipped in a poly envelope.  Shipping weight 3 oz.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before or after the sale - we want you to be a happy customer!

Thanks for looking!

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