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Nutriom OvaEasy

Nutriom OvaEasy 100% Real All Natural Powdered Whole Egg Crystals - 12 Eggs

Nutriom OvaEasy 100% Real All Natural Powdered Whole Egg Crystals - 12 Eggs

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BRAND NEW Nutriom OvaEasy Whole Egg Crystals - 12 Eggs, Camping / Backpacking Food.


Our eggs aren't ordinary powdered eggs.  Made through a proprietary process, they taste just like fresh eggs!  No one believes us at first, so read some of our reviews and see for yourself.  When taste, storability, shelf life and cooking performance matter, OvaEasy Egg Crystals excel.  Great for demanding buyers who need the storage convenience of powdered egg, great taste and excellent cooking performance - like for camping and food storage.

Your love for the outdoors can build up a big hunger.  With just a little water, OvaEasy makes having a nutritional flavorful meal packed with protein easy.  Lightweight, unbreakable and great tasting OvaEasy Egg Crystals are a perfect solution to your camping and backpacking food needs.  Just mix with water, stir and prepare to your liking as you would normally cook eggs.

Product Features:

  • Equivalent to 12 eggs
  • 70 calories per egg, about 2 tbsp of dry mix
  • 100% real all-natural egg
  • No refrigeration required
  • Shelf life:  30 months from date of manufacture, 6 months after opening if stored in a cool dry place
  • Trans fat free
  • Allergens:  Egg
  • Weight:  approx. 4.4 oz

Requirements:  2 cups cold water.

You will receive: One OvaEasy Egg Crystals mix.

Retail packaging, shipped in a poly envelope. Shipping weight 5 oz.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before or after the sale - we want you to be a happy customer!

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