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Peregrine 1" Slip-Loc Tension Lock Buckles 2-Pack for 1" Strapping Webbing

Peregrine 1" Slip-Loc Tension Lock Buckles 2-Pack for 1" Strapping Webbing

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Peregrine 1" Slip-Loc Tension Buckles 2-Pack for 1" Nylon or Polypropylene Strapping and Webbing.

These smooth-action Slip-Loc Tension buckles are made from high-impact plastic - so they are tough and lightweight.  Use these buckles to repair a broken strap, as a strap retainer (to keep straps from hanging and flapping), or use with buckles that do not have built-in tension adjustment (other buckles and webbing sold separately).  Use these buckles with webbing straps to attach items to your pack, use them on your tent, lash or hang items from a tree limb - the list of uses is endless!  2 per pack.  The color is black.

We have 4 sizes available: 

  • 3/4 inch (for use with 3/4" webbing straps)
  • 1 inch  (for use with 1" webbing straps)
  • 1.5 inch  (for use with 1.5" webbing straps)
  • 2 inch  (for use with 2" webbing straps)

This listing is for the 1 inch slip-loc tension buckles - see our other listings for the other sizes.

NOTE:  These Peregrine slip-loc buckles are ideal for use with our Peregrine side release buckles that have a tension-style adjustment on only one end - the other end would normally be sewn onto the webbing.  Now you can use slip-loc buckles for a true no-sewing solution.  See our other listings for side release buckles and side release and slip-loc buckle kits.

TIP:  Want a different buckle instead of the slip-loc buckle?  We also carry cam-lock buckles, ladderlock buckles, low-profile buckles, side-release buckles, sternum buckles, and tension lock buckles.

TIP 2:This item is also available in money-saving multi-packs! Go to our store, then browse our Discounted Multi-Packs Store category, or use the Store search tool to find items quickly.

Requirements:  None.

You will receive:  2 Peregrine Slip-Loc Buckles.

OEM packaging, shipped in a poly envelope.  Shipping weight 1 oz.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before or after the sale - we want you to be a happy customer!

Thanks for looking!

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