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New UCO Long-Burn Matches 50-Ct Box w/Strikers MT-LONG-BULK

New UCO Long-Burn Matches 50-Ct Box w/Strikers MT-LONG-BULK

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BRAND NEW UCO Long-Burn Matches, 50-Ct Box w/Strikers - Burns 5x Longer--Up To 60 Seconds.  Great for Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Backpacking - any outdoor activity where you may need fire.

Say “See ya!” to the pile of spent matches and your still-unlit wick or painstakingly perfected teepee of kindling.  These UCO Long-Burn Matches make lighting campfires, BBQ grills and candles a breeze.  Give them a try—your fingertips will thank you.


  • Burns 45 seconds to 1 minute depending on conditions—5 times longer than standard matches

  • External strikers on the box for easy lighting

  • Sturdy carbonized match stick for safe and reliable fire starting
  • Includes 50 long burn matches per box

  • Longer length (approx. 3.75"/9.5 cm) keeps fingers from getting burned

  • Ideal for lighting campfires, fireplaces, stoves, BBQs, lanterns, candles, etc.

  • Weight:  1 oz per box of 50

Retail packaging, shipped in a poly envelope.  Shipping weight 2 oz.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before or after the sale - we want you to be a happy customer!

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