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UCO Survival Stormproof 10 Matches w/Zip Bag & Striker

UCO Survival Stormproof 10 Matches w/Zip Bag & Striker

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BRAND NEW UCO Survival Stormproof Matches 10-Pack w/Zip Bag & Striker. Windproof and waterproof.  Great for Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Backpacking - any outdoor activity where you may need fire.


  • Ten compact Stormproof Matches that will light in any weather—and will relight even after being submerged in water! 
  •  Up to 12 second burn time.
  • Lights campfires, stoves, gas-barbecues, etc.

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Requirements:  None.

You will receive:  One 10-Pack of UCO Survival Stormproof Matches with Zip Bag & Striker.

Retail packaging, shipped in a padded envelope.  Shipping weight 1 oz.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before or after the sale - we want you to be a happy customer!

Thanks for looking!  

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